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Local SEO Services For Small Business


When it comes to local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) many times I find myself trying to explain exactly why local SEO is important. Many small business owners don’t understand why their website doesn’t show up at the top of Google search results, and as soon as I start explaining algorithms, keywords and links, their eyes glaze over. They think that they’re the obvious choice to be on the first page of Google.


Local SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

As a small business owner and marketer, you need to let Google know where you are located and what you have to offer so you’re not only showing up on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) more frequently, but you’re showing up in front of...


Generating Sale Leads Online

There’s no one right way to generate sales leads online. Some businesses swear by using Facebook ads, while others have found more success with search engine optimization (SEO). Each business has a different target market and communication style. So your lead generation strategy should uniquely...


Why You Need Ongoing SEO Maintenance

We recently had a client who sold his practice, and the new owner was questioning the monthly SEO/maintenance fee. He Told us: “The site has relatively good search results but the high service fee may be difficult to justify considering that the site is already...


Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Just because Facebook and Twitter aren’t driving you a ton of sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage them. Why? Because both Google and Bing use data from social sites in order to determine how high to rank your website. In recent years there's been a big...


How eCommerce Website Changed My Life

It was 5:00 on a Sunday, and I still had hours of work to do at the office. My girlfriend – who lived nine hours away and was in town for a rare visit – was sitting alone in my apartment, anxiously waiting for me...


Why do I Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics & reports about the visits to your website. It is the most widely used website statistics service. While the product is aimed chiefly at marketers as opposed to webmasters, having this service implemented...


Why Does SEO Take So Long?

One of the most important points that we try to make to prospective SEO clients is that SEO is a slow process. It’s not the kind of marketing tactic that’s going to have immediate results or a quick ROI. The complete opposite is true. In...