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Frequently asked questions.

We know you got questions and we’re more than happy to answer them. If you still have questions send us an email or if you would like to talk to us give us a call (909) 978-9480.

How do I know SEO is working for me?

SEO Monthly Reports: You’ll receive a comprehensive, easy-to-read monthly SEO report that shows your keyword rankings in the major search engines, traffic information, how people are using your site, conversions and other important web statistics about your site. With this monthly SEO report you’ll get an overall feel for how your site is performing along with detailed information about your top ranking keywords.

SEO Recommendations and Website Adjustments: Every month we look for ways to increase your rankings, traffic and conversions, and we put these recommendations in your monthly SEO report. Recommendations may include usability improvements, which results in better conversions on your site, or making changes to the meta tags of your site to enhance indexing. We may also suggest additional WordPress plugins, altering wording or structure of pages, social media strategies, and blogs. Once we’ve discussed your recommendations and with your approval, our team of SEO experts and web developers will make the recommended changes to your website. This is also known as optimizing your website.

What SEO Plan should I Choose?

I suggest you watch this video We created.

Do you offer Website Design Services?

We at CallSEO only focus on SEO services, however we do use our sister company, for website design and other online services. Check them out.

Keep quiet and continue working.

We at CallSEO only focus on SEO services, however we do use our sister company, for website design and other online services. Check them out.

Do you guarantee a 1st spot on Google?

No-one can make such a claim to guarantee you the first place in Google, for some sites it is an attainable goal depending on the amount of competition and which keywords you want to rank with. No SEO company has total control over where Google places sites in organic link listings.

For example, If they can guarantee that when someone types “CNN” into Google and your website comes up first, with coming up second, you would be getting tens of thousands of visits to your site on a daily basis. That simply is not the case. The truth is that they are guaranteeing you a #1 position but not necessarily for a keyword that is competitive. For example, it would be easy to get your site to the #1 position in Google for the term “Colorless Blue Chocolate.”

We can however guarantee your traffic will greatly improve and you’ll start getting more inquiries through your website. We can try and get you on the TOP 10 position for the keyword we agree upon.

However, though we don’t guarantee the 1st spot we have had hundreds of success ranking our clients websites on the first page not only on Google but also and

How do I cancel my services?

To cancel your subscription login to your PayPal account and search for the last automatic payment that was made. Once you click on “Details” below the Transaction Details you will see a blue underlined link that says “My pre-approved payments” Once you click on that select the merchant and click “Cancel” and confirm your cancellation.

You can also give us a call.


What is link building and why is it so important?

Link building is simple.  It’s the act of placing a link to your website or other online content on someone else’s website or other online content.  The link should contain not only the URL to your content, but a good and well-written anchor (the text that you actually click on).  The reason that doing this is so vital to your moving onto page 1 in searches is that the search engines rank websites with authority.  When they see your website at the center of a growing web of links, and even other sites that link to the sites that link to you, your website is considered to have informational authority and is given preference in the search results.  The thing to remember about Google and other search engines is that their one and only job is providing the searcher with the best information to answer their search.  Building back links properly, the way Google likes to see it done, is arguably the most important factor in your ranking on page 1.

How many links do I need?

That depends on the keywords you want to rank for and how much competition you already have.  Think of getting on page 1 as a game of King of the Mountain.  You’re trying to push the top website off, or at least one of the top 10.  Part of what we do is an analysis to determine what we need to do to get you there.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the art and science of optimizing a webpage or other online publication so that it has the greatest chance of being found and indexed by search engines.  There are certain design elements, attributes and other things that search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo look for when they crawl the web.  By optimizing your websites, social media pages, articles, blogs, etc. with keywords or key phrases that your potential customers use when searching, you set your online media up for maximum ranking in the search results.

How Fast Can I See SEO Results?

It can take few weeks to 1-2 months to see any results depending on the niche you’re competing with, but once you do see these results your marketing strategies will sky rocket. Our goal is to have you calling us every month telling us you want to do more. We want to hear that your business is growing. If we don’t show you results your not going to continue with our SEO service, so we try our best to get you in the search engines.

The return in investment (ROI) is huge once you get ranked.

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