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Call SEOblog Why SEO is still a top choice for marketing

Why SEO is still a top choice for marketing

Do you think you have a handle on how to manage your SEO efforts in a changing landscape?

The answer, for many, is a resounding “no.” They feel as if the entire concept is bogged down in confusion and mired in an unassailable veil of secrecy. They go online to read about how to implement proper strategy and are met with enough confusing data to have them singing “Daisy Bell” well before they’re done getting through it all.

You’ve likely experienced it before. Expert A will tell you that you to go after those long-tail keywords and focus on specificity. Also, you can try anchor text, a modern SEO strategy, however, Expert B will tell you to ditch that and focus on brand building. Expert C will tell you to incorporate both but play to semantic searches as well. By the end, you don’t even want to deal with it anymore, and honestly, who would blame you?

There are plenty of reasons to reconsider abandoning the SEO bandwagon, though. With just a few improvements in the right areas, you can put yourself on the path to success, then kick back and watch the leads and site traffic roll on in. Not convinced? Take a look at these 14 reasons why SEO is still a top choice for marketing, then see if you’re still against the idea.

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